Consulting Services

Pharma Process Consulting (PD and Safety)

Combining our knowledge of GCP and our drive for business efficiency INCH uses a series of targeted interviews to identify the real business needs and can often simplify the process itself and/or propose offshoring or automation of part of the process. We engage our customers to benefit from the latest available technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchains and many more.

Finance Process Consulting (Wealth Management)

We have the knowledge and the expertise to help you defining strategies in the digital space and combining what is imaginable with what is feasible. We can help you defining and creating digital services which increase your clients satisfaction and client retention and reduce risk and process costs. We are very interested in projects based on blockchain technology and we are collaborating with technical experts in this area.

Smart City and Social Engagement

The digitalisme as a potential based on the need of human being. Our consultant is an expert in community development and organising. He understands to combine upcoming challenges with the latest digital solutions.

Global System Implementation Projects

Our consultants bring extensive experience in managing the roll-out of large IT projects on a global scale. We are supporting our customers in planning, executing and documenting the implementation.

Specification and Requirement Definition

Many of our customers struggle to define the actual problem and how to solve this with a technical solution. Our team helps to come up with clear specifications and requirements for system development and integrations.

Outsourcing and Offshoring

We are experts in strategic outsourcing and offshoring. Place the work with the right people at the right location and increase efficiency while reducing costs. We are consulting our customers where outsourcing makes sense and help them to build up offshoring teams.