Analysing, Consulting and development of concept. Face to Face and competent

We analyse the existing market and define chances and risks for public mobile applications. Together with our customers we’re looking for the best solution to achieve the defined goals. We are constantly striving to understand the wishes and expectations of our customers and try to show areas of improvements when needed. Customer focused thinking and international partnerships with App Developers give us the opportunity to develop personalized products with excellent quality.

Technical Development and coding. We optimize your costs without losing any aspect of the quality.

The development teams are specialized in various areas of mobile applications. We provide the full project management for our customers and ensure the technical development according the wishes and agreements. Our partners work with the latest technologies and standards to create professional Applications in almost every area. We can’t wait to learn more about your ideas, contact us.

Administrator Interface - Independent and easy to use

We personalize the back-end of your apps so that you can maintain the content and analyse the usage of your platform independently. Long term this approach can reduce the financial efforts of our customers for IT maintenance.

App Store Placement

It is part of our service to place new apps in eStores. Our experts will make sure that your app is listed appropriately in the shops from Apple and Google.